10 reasonwhy a Wooden Bed is frame is the best choice !

our bed, that place we all enjoy being in so much, features heavily in the centre of your home and considering you spend a 1/3 of your life in bed, it is vital that you pick something that you love first and foremost. However, when you consider the advantages of choosing a Wooden Bed Frame, you may think twice about what you buy next time.

A Wooden Bed can add style, elegance and character to your bedroom due to their distinctive appearance, however, their are many other benefits that you might not have considered until now. All of which are important when choosing the most important piece of furniture in the house.

1. Choice
Wooden bed frames come in many different styles varying from the sophisticated, antique to the traditional and contemporary. But the biggest benefit in choice is down to the colour and finish of the wood. Not only is there the type of wood to choose from, between the softwood’s and hardwood’s, but also the colour and finish applied to the that of the wood itself.

Often a pine (Softwood) bed frame construction will be stained to show off the natural timber grain, or alternatively a solid colour can be applied for a completely different appearance such as a modern white or matt black. Choosing a hardwood bed finish allows for a richer appearance, with the oak, cherry or walnut as examples providing a natural attractive deep oscillating grain which can also be matched against other furniture you may have in the bedroom.

2. Strength
Wooden bed frames can often come with a long guarantee due to the robustness of the construction. The strength and long lasting nature of the structure and method of construction allow for a wooden bed frame to last indefinitely. Especially those that utilise ‘mortise and tenon’ joints which provide an exceptionally strong joint at the often weakest point, being where the side rail connects to the leg. Get Laid Beds provide an 11 year guarantee on all beds to prove this.

3. Practical
A benefit of being flat packed when delivered, allows that you can move the bed into any room of your house with ease, especially for those who have loft spaces. This would have proved impossible with a bulky divan base. It’s also easy to move with you when you change house. A slatted bed base also increases ventilation and airflow underneath your mattress keeping a fresh and hygienic sleeping environment.

4. Environmentally Friendly
Wood is the most widely available renewable source on earth. Growing in abundance, forests provide an endless source of timber that when sustainably harvested will continue on forever. Most pine imported to the UK is usually FSC or PEFC certified to ensure it’s from sustainable sources which are re-planted when harvested. But if you’re not sure, you should always check.

5. Maintenance
Wood is a natural product and requires minimal maintenance and upkeep whilst being very easy to clean. A lacquer and protective finish will always be applied to ensure the timber is sealed. It will take knocks and scrapes well and can always be easily repaired should accidental damage happen.

Note: When buying a wooden bed frame, it’s always best to choose a “Solid” timber frame as opposed to the much cheaper “Veneer” options you may see. Most often, cheaper alternatives, especially the famous Swedish brand, will use veneer to keep costs down. This might seem attractive in the short term but veneer is susceptible to peeling and any moisture damage will quickly be evident and flare up.

6. Lifespan
Another benefit of having a wooden bed is that it can be changed over the years to give it a second, third or even fourth life. With sanding, staining and painting options (if needed) you can always refurbish your bed to develop with your tastes. In theory, all you would need to do (providing the bed frame is cared for properly) is replace your mattress after the recommended amount of years. Whereas with divan bases it is highly advised you change your bed base and mattress at the same time.

7. Unique Customisation
Many beds that you will come across whilst on the search will be set sizes and designs (as you would expect). But what about those situations where “standard” doesn’t work? That difficult attic space, or to fit a custom size mattress? Customising a bed frame’s dimensions and appearance cannot be easier than with a wooden bed frame. Get Laid Beds are a company that provide just that service and allow you to chop and change any of the wooden beds in the range. Low or high, wide or thin, no headboard or an extra tall one, you can literally customise to however suits you.

8. Even More Choice
If your looking for a bed to match your exact colour needs, to perhaps go with that flowery neon wallpaper you put up the other weekend (or maybe your questioning it now?), then you can always opt for a “untreated” finished timber bed. Somewhat more for the hands on approach of course, but by painting it yourself, the colours are endless to what can be achieved. Ever considered a glow in the dark bed?

9. Appearance
Of course, the attractive look of the bed is often the big decider! With a huge variety of different design options, there’s always a wooden bed frame to suit. Why not go all out and treat yourself like royalty with a Four Poster Bed which is now becoming an increasingly popular choice regardless of room size?

10. Cost
With the natural materials being used and little man made synthetics brought into the production, the cost of wooden bed frames is often one the most economical options due to the manufacturing process.

With all of the benefits of the above explained, hopefully the positives of selecting a wooden bed frame will make your next bed purchasing decision that little bit easier.

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